LM Signature Model 7S – Scream


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Product Description

Thanks to the genius of Mark Curry, the final tweeks are done on the LM signature line of Mouthpieces. Note the flatter, cushioned profile of the Mount Vernon rim.

Now everyone can enjoy this very special and unique mount Vernon sound and feel.

The mouthpiece comes in a symphonic C cup, a commercial lead, and a scream mouthpiece because you can’t sound like Cat Anderson on a classical mouthpiece nor can you sound like a legit player with a commercial lead style mouthpiece.

Rim ID 0.653″ (measured at 1/32″ or .03125″ from the crown of the rim).
Cup Depth Very shallow “scream” cup
Rim OD 1.065″
Bite Radius

0.063″R (definitely medium- not too sharp, not too round)


3.5″ Bach style blank. Normal shank and gap, a #5 sleeve equivalent.





Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 1 x 1 in