Trumpet Lessons with Larry Meregillano

Due to the overwhelming demand from people around the world, Larry is now offering trumpet lessons online. Using online video chat, you can study with Larry Meregillano no matter where you are in the world.

After purchasing the length and number of lessons you want, Larry will contact you to arrange a schedule for your trumpet lesson(s).

Check out Larry’s YouTube Channel for some brief demonstrations of the concepts you will learn by studying trumpet with Larry.

One Hour Trumpet Lesson – $60

30-Minute Trumpet Lesson – $30

90-Minute Trumpet Lesson – $90

About Larry Meregillano

Larry has studied with Cat Anderson, Claude Gordon, Harold “Pappy” Mitchell, Carmine Caruso,and Roy Stevens – who carried out the work of William Costello.

He is recognized by such people as Dr. Alan Geller and Paul Bogosian as one who has mastered the Costello System of playing the Trumpet.

Geoff Winstead, who wrote The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Method, also recognizes Larry as being one of the only teachers besides himself to be able to convey the secrets of Cat Anderson.

Larry has a passion for passing on the knowledge of these past Masters and would welcome the opportunity to make you a grand student of them all! All study materials will be sent to you via pdf.files.

Let Larry design a trumpet routine for your specific needs today!

Carmine Caruso
Cat Anderson
Roy Stevens
Claude Gordon
Harold Mitchell