The Original CTS Compression Training System for brass

The Compression Training System exercises the muscles of the embouchure quickly, efficiently, and silently. Professionals the world over say it’s “like weightlifting for your chops” – providing an embouchure training program that builds muscle, directly translating into effortless music making.


PCTS Pocket Compression Training System

The Pocket Compression Training System brings all the benefits of the CTS into a new, smaller form factor. Exercise the muscles of the embouchure quickly, efficiently, and silently, using an embouchure training program that builds muscle, directly translating into effortless music making.


CTS Valves - Practice valve combinations and ear training while exercising the embouchure

CTS Valves is an accessory for the CTS that allows you to practice valve combinations and ear training while using your CTS (not included). Build dexterity, practicing scales or valve and fingering combinations at the same time as you are silently building power, range, and endurance.


A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1: CHOPS! eBook


A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1: CHOPS! Printed


A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 2 Book 1: Major, #11, and Minor Scales Printed



A Word from Wayne Bergeron

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to trumpet gadgets. That being said, the CTS is something I have found very helpful during my rebuild from cancer treatments and a botched dental visit that left my lower right side numb for over a year. My lip is still slightly numb on my lower lip right side to this day almost two years later.

I’ve known Larry for over 40 years. He always had amazing chops and was a player we looked up to at Disneyland in our youth. Like myself, Larry has been through his share of health and dental issues. Watching how Larry put himself back together after his adversities is truly astonishing.

After struggling to get my chops back, I decided to give Larry a call for some advice. My right side was weaker and leaking causing several playing issues. He sent me a prototype of his CTS and gave me brief instructions on how to use it. Between doing some of the exercises on the CTS in the car, and some facial exercises my dear friend, Annie Bosler, showed me, I have made some substantial progress.

I saw Larry last week at a gig, and he laid the final version of his CTS on me. Thanks, Larry! I use the CTS just about every day now. As we get older, recovering from these types of injuries take longer. I believe the CTS has sped up my recovery substantially, and it is now part of my daily practice.

Testimonials from more legends of the brass-playing community

Ronald Romm
Ronald Romm
Friends, this system works! It is not just for players that aim to play high and loud, but for the rest of us! Check it out! I repeat, it works!
Mike Lovatt
Mike Lovatt
Thank you Larry for producing a tool that helps us trumpet players go to the next level with our chops! The CTS is a regular part of my routine now.
Willie Murillo
Willie Murillo
If you don’t have the CTS, I highly recommend getting it. It’s affordable and it’ll keep you in shape.
Jim Manley
Jim Manley
The CTS is a great device. Larry has developed a great product for less than the cost of a lesson!
Mac Gollehon
Mac Gollehon
The CTS is top shelf! It strengthens all components of the embouchure in a much more comprehensive way than the other devices presently on the market.
Rashawn Ross
Rashawn Ross
I gotta give it up to my man Larry Meregillano for taking the time to show me how to build that muscle with his Compression Training System Thanks, Larry!!! This system is awesome!!!
Daniel Falcone
Daniel Falcone
The CTS is highly effective in keeping the musculature of the face strong and it has allowed me to not bring my trumpet when on vacation and still come back as strong as I was before I left. That’s pretty impressive.
CTS by Larry Meregillano

Compression Training System
by Larry Meregillano

Compression Training System
by Larry Meregillano


The Compression Training System by Larry Meregillano is the first system of its kind to silently exercise the muscles of the embouchure while employing the correct muscular coordination involved in compressing the air forward through the vibrating aperture.


Who is this for?

The Compression Training System is for all types of brass players and all skill levels that want to experience the correct muscular coordination and have the need to maintain their strength while exercising silently in a way that is consistent with their regular brass routines. There are no shortcuts. You must continue to dedicate time to your craft but with the use of the Compression Training System, you can accelerate your progress as you can now stay in shape exercising silently while achieving correct muscular coordination.

The system is good for most brass instruments including trombone, trumpet, euphonium, or alto horn. At this time, we have not yet developed the adapters needed for cornet, french horn, or tuba mouthpieces.


  • for all brass players of all skill levels
  • trains the muscle coordination to use compression and play efficiently
  • the system is portable and allows players to exercise silently
  • helps develop endurance, power, and range
  • accelerates your progress as you build muscle memory
  • the trainer can give a workout comparable to a 4-hour gig in a shorter time
  • daily exercise routines to maintain facial muscles when playing is not possible
  • track and measure your progress as you develop new levels of Torr pressure
  • Included in the Compression Training System

The foundation of the Compression Training System is the Compression Trainer, which is an accurate measuring device that provides natural, fluid back pressure with instantaneous feedback. The Compression Trainer helps to develop the muscular coordination that is necessary to properly compress the air and play efficiently. A key benefit of the Compression Trainer is that it also allows you to practice silently while maintaining and strengthening the muscles used in compression.

A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1 – CHOPS!


Start building your chops today with this trumpet method e-book from Larry Meregillano – a student of Roy Stevens of the Costello Method, Claude Gordon, Harold Mitchell, Carmine Caruso, and Cat Anderson – you will learn to develop chops like legends of the past.

Develop Range, Control, and Efficiency through correct embouchure formation.
Ear training while learning chord symbols, arpeggios, and scales.
Play along with each lesson using embedded sound files.
E-Book – download immediately and start learning today!

Testimonials for “A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1 – CHOPS!”

Your book is really interesting. So many great ideas on chops and embouchure and on how to use the facial/mouth muscles. The greatest thing is that i have exactly the same ideas of you on trumpet playing, and i teach in this same way. Same concepts at almost 100%. That’s nice to see. I will spread the voice about it for sure. Thanks so much also for the very nice words about me, thanks from my heart.

A big hug from Italy, Andrea Tofanelli

Andrea Tofanelli, Yamaha Recording Artist
Jim Manley

Larry Meregillano has some great information in his new book about trumpet playing and getting your chops together with easy to follow advice – along with some great jazz ear training exercises. The cost is less then what you’d pay for a lesson! Check out Larry Meregillano’s videos – he knows what he is preaching about.

Larry Meregillano is amazing! Not only is he an international trumpet master, but with his new book “A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1: CHOPS!”, Larry has successfully demystified the trumpet, making his mastery available to anyone from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

He is impressive, not only with the clarity, brevity and humanity of his writing, but how effortlessly he takes the mystery out of playing in the extreme high register on the trumpet. No ivory-tower approach here, just the real stuff from a consummate professional who practices what he preaches every day!

The book has something for every player. I got more benefits out of reading his introduction to the book than a whole text on the subject by others. One small adjustment (if it’s the right one) can make such enormous changes that it puts the fun back into playing trumpet!

Dan Jacobs, Jazz Trumpeter
Rich Wetzel

I have had the pleasure to know and play shows with Larry Meregillano. He is truly one of the rare guys whose knowledge, skills, passion, enthusiasm and virtuosity all come together with him providing all of us here in this book the most complete analysis in one place I have ever seen on the embouchure. The analysis and ideas shared, the breadth is long overdue in the trumpet world, this is truly an amazing book.

Larry’s chops and skills speak for themselves as one of the best jazz and lead trumpet players of our time. He proves to be the same as a teacher with this amazing book. Larry provides real world insight and practical advice on how to build, maintain and have truly great “Chops”!

Rich Wetzel, Bach Artist

I’m thrilled to have been included in ‘A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1: CHOPS!’ – a highly comprehensive trumpet method book written by the great Larry Meregillano. The book contains new concepts on playing, as well as Larry’s fresh twist on common practice. It’s interactive, containing exercises that are sure to expand your knowledge and ability. It’s 180+ pages of pure gold. Along with Roger Ingram’s priceless publication, and the innovative books Scott Englebright and I did, ‘A Trumpet Legacy, Vol. 1: CHOPS!’ is another new, favorite method book of mine. Please visit Larry’s page and check it out, and check out his clips on YouTube!

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